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Rent a Car for Uber

Need to rent a car for Uber? No worry. The full maintenance rental is a great solution for existing drivers that want to start their own business and own their own car, without the hassle of worrying about maintenance or insurance. For existing driver – partners operating on Uber wanting to add their first vehicle or replace an existing active vehicle: Rent a suitable car from Pace Fleet Services including insurance, device and maintenance.

  • You rent the car on a weekly basis
  • You can return the car at any time (without any future obligations)
  • We arrange the documents required for your permit
  • Pay only for when you are using the car
  • We provide a courtesy car whilst yours is in for repair
  • Full waivers included
  • Full maintenance cover (incl tyres)
  • We provide you with a device (phone) with data

Pace Fleet are a caring company who don’t just rent you an Uber, we give you a business and mentorship, so your rent a car for Uber is an on-going relationship where we make sure that you win. When you rent a car for Uber from Pace Fleet, you get to use your car as you wish, its your car that you use for your business, you are able to do personal trips without asking permission and you are able to use the rental car for Taxify or any platform related to your business.

For more information please call our Uber Helpline on 063 689-0224

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