Pace Fleet Services was started by Grenville Salmon in 2015 as a way to enable Uber drivers to become uber partners and “be their own boss”, by offering rent to buy options for drivers on the uber-platform, the concept has seen many successes and has seen the growth of Pace Fleet to be the largest private uber vehicle supplier in South Africa creating many entrepreneurship opportunities for driver-partners along the way.

Pace Fleet has evolved into other areas of the vehicle leasing market and specializes in second-hand leasing options servicing corporate clients, expats on work contacts, and a large private clientele that would rather lease cars than have to deal with cumbersome bank financing process/options

Pace Fleet offers full maintenance lease options over a wide variety of new and second-hand vehicles, the concept of second-hand leasing is growing as the costs savings for the lessee are significant throughout the lease period.

Pace Fleet is aware of the costs of running a vehicle in South Africa and have a created a value chain the enables the best possible pricing to be provided to its clients, they have grown their value chain to include in house servicing, tyre bays, liability  waivers, driver behaviour management and many other aspects involved in keeping costs low in order to best service clients.

Peter Jacobs is the managing director of Pace Fleet Services and has been driving growth in the business since joining in 2016