Car Lease for People Under Debt Review

Pace Fleet Services can do a car lease for people under debt review. If you are under debt review a financial institution would not be able to make you a loan to lease a car, but Pace Fleet would be able to lease you a car because their lease product is not a financial product. It is an operating lease product. Click here to view our car lease specials.

Vehicle finance for people under debt review is not allowed under south African law as it would be seen as reckless lending, but the vehicles lease product is the best way to go. The leases that businesses like Pace Fleet offer are very cost-competitive and actually make sense for people under debt review as it is a short term flexible lease which allows you to move the lease to bank finance the moment that your credit has been rehabilitated.

If you are under debt review, you would need to discuss the new vehicle lease with your debt councilor to ensure that the lease fits in with your repayment plans for your other creditors. Usually you can do this when you have a change in circumstance, and the vehicle is a tool of trade. When you are blacklisted or under debt review you will notice that your price for insurance goes up massively.  When you lease a bakkie or lease a car with us, it is an all-inclusive package including the insurance, so you quite often end up with a very competitive price.

The Pace Fleet Lease product includes the following amazing benefits:

  • The vehicle
  • Insurance
  • Services (both minor and major)
  • Maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Roadside assistance
  • Annual licensing and roadworthy

One of the big benefits of car leasing for people under debt review as opposed to car finance for people under debt review is that with a lease you are never in debt, and you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any point. When you lease a car, Pace Fleet Services will only look at your current affordability and not your credit history. If you can afford the car, you can lease the car.

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