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Are you looking for an aircon regas?  Pace Fleet offer regassing of aircons at fleet prices in Marlboro.  It’s a quick and easy service.

Our aircon regas machine will pressurise your system and determine if there is a leak in your system by seeing if the system can maintain that pressure.  If there is a leak in the system that will be quoted separately from the regas of the system.  We use only the best environmentally friendly gasses and offer a professional service!

Is your aircon blowing an African breeze instead of an Artic breeze? Call us on 010 141 1790 or e-mail

Useful air-con tips

Here are some useful tips to keep your aircon unit in good condition:

  • Run your aircon unit on its coldest settings at least once a week to keep the gas pressure in check and to make sure that the compression unit is working properly.
  • Regularly remove dirt and debris from the air filter. This part is normally located behind the glove box. If using water or other cleaning liquids, make sure the filter is completely dry before inserting it back in place.
  • Never run your aircon unit with the windows open.
  • Check your coolant level on a regular basis.
  • Be sure to regularly have your aircon unit checked by a professional, such as Pace Fleet Services. We will carefully examine your aircon unit and make the appropriate recommendations.


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