What to Consider when Leasing a Car

what to consider when leasing a car

A Guide on what to Consider when Leasing a Car

Are you looking for a car but do not qualify for traditional finance? Is the cost of maintaining your vehicle getting too much? Do you need the flexibility of being able to change your car as your needs and circumstances change. If you answered yes to any of these questions, a car lease from Pace Fleet Services is the perfect solution for you. Should this be the first time you are leasing, you will have many questions about car leasing and how it works when you do lease a car. Here is what to consider when leasing a car.

Your Preferences and Requirements

The key starting point is what your personal preferences and requirements are. For example, do you prefer to drive a manual or automatic vehicle? If you know what it is that you need to use the car for, that will make selecting one from a list that much simpler.

One of the great advantages of leasing a car is the worry-free nature of a car lease. You do not have to worry about depreciation or trade-in value, although if you decide that you want to purchase your vehicle during the lease period, taking good care of the car means that you can sell it for much more down the line.

Another advantage of leasing a car from Pace Fleet Services is the fact that we cover your maintenance. The professional team of technicians at our workshop can assist with a wide range of repair and maintenance work on your vehicle, ensuring that your car’s longevity, performance, and safety.

Your lifestyle plays another determining factor in the car that you choose. With us, you can upgrade or downgrade your vehicle as your circumstances and requirements change, meaning that you will always have the right car for your needs and budget.

Terms of the Lease

When looking at what to consider when leasing a car, one of the most critical points that is often overlooked relates to the terms of the lease. Unlike many other car lease companies out there, at Pace Fleet we believe in being honest and open from day one. Our lease terms are flexible, and we set them out clearly from the start. This allows you to be able to make an informed decision.

Something else that you need to consider is what the early exit fee is, should you decide to terminate your lease before the contract has ended.

It is very important to consider what the terms of the lease are, and if they are beneficial to you.

Duration of the Lease

The length of the lease is also important. You might be an expat looking for a car for a shorter period of time, or perhaps you need to lease a car for 24 months or more. We have flexible leases ranging from 6 months to 3 years, along with an attractive end-of-lease option to purchase your vehicle.

Other Costs

As mentioned above, leasing a car means that you do not carry costs such as the vehicle’s upkeep or the depreciation cost. Here is what your monthly lease payment includes:

  • The lease rental
  • Maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • Tracking
  • Annual licensing
  • 3,000KM per month
  • Value Added Tax at 15%

The main cost that we do not cover is fuel. The ever-changing price of petrol in South Africa means that selecting a vehicle that is fuel efficient is an important consideration. Our range of vehicles available for lease includes many of the most fuel efficient vehicles in South Africa.

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