Staff Transport Solutions

Do you have continuity plans for when and if one or more of your staff members contract COVID?  A good staff transport plan is essential to limit this type of business interruption.

Whilst each business grapples with the restrictions applicable to their own sector is it abundantly clear that all of us want our businesses to return to some level of “normality” as soon as possible. What the new normal is, we will only find out in the coming days, weeks and months.  Keeping your staff on the front line healthy is paramount in ensuring that you open and stay open.

Whilst the regulations on social distancing at the office is relatively well understood at this point, getting your most important staff members safely to and from work is more challenging if they do not have their own transport.

One thing that is for sure, is that if there are 4 people in a minibus taxi, you are not able to keep a 2-meter distance from the stranger next to you.

The safest form of transport will be where your staff member has their own vehicle and does not need to share their transport arrangements, and the second safest is to have lift clubs where staff share private vehicles with the same person each day.

A lift club can’t happen without private car ownership or private car leasing.

Basically, you can encourage the use of private vehicles by subsidising your staff.  This means you make it cheaper for them to lease their own car, and have a lift club, than what it is to use public transport.  Remember the cost of staff transport is made up of:

  • Price of vehicle
  • Cost of fuel
  • Cost of management of program

By subsidising rather than providing free transport, you can get your staff to use the money they would have used for public transport, to pay a portion of the lease cost and the fuel cost of the vehicle.  They then arrange themselves, thereby removing the management component.  A small car on lease including insurance costs R4,499 per month, with a small subsidisation from the company this becomes cost effective and safe for the employee.

Pace Fleet Services is offering short-term leases on second-hand small vehicles that are very cost-effective (whether with subsidisation or without). The leases are flexible enough for termination once staff transport is no longer required.

Management of your staff transport schemes becomes a major issue and ends up costing a fortune, subsidisation encourages your staff to thing for themselves, and will not break the bank.

Another option that Pace Fleet Services can offer is through its over 400 Uber driver network. All drivers have fully maintained, roadworthy and licensed vehicles, have cell phones and driver behaviour is monitored and maintained.  This service is the delux service that the banks use, and if you don’t have a budget, it’s a great option, especially where your staff don’t have drivers licenses. Drivers will be selected that live closest to your staff member to cut down costs. Drivers will collect and drop off at designated times.  Once again transport can be subsidised by the employer.

If you are interested in safe and reliable staff transport as well as transport of products and goods please contact Peter Jacobs on to determine how Pace Fleet Services can negotiate the best and most cost effective solution for your business.