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Our Rent to Buy is a monthly rental agreement that the client can extend on a monthly basis at their discretion, it is not a finance product. However, the client can return the vehicle at any time and have no more obligation (financial or otherwise). After 48 months your loyalty bonus will be equal to the value of the vehicle if you have paid on time and kept your account up to date.  So you can choose to ask us to sell the vehicle or get a rebate in cash. Watch this space for great Rent to Buy car deals. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us via the enquiry form below.

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All rent to buy prices inclusive of 15% VAT

How Does Our Rent to Buy Work

Our Rent to Buy is not a financial product, it is a rental with a loyalty plan.  Your monthly rental can be extended on a monthly basis at their discretion. However the client can return the vehicle at any time and have no more obligation (financial or otherwise) Benefits of our monthly rental The longer you rent the vehicle from us, the bigger the loyalty bonus you will accumulate

  • You can return the car at any time without incurring any penalties
  • When you return the vehicle you are not responsible for the loss of value of the vehicle
  • We offer top-quality tracking of your rental vehicle
  • Waivers are included
  • 3rd party insurance is standard
  • Our management system includes maintenance, fine and eToll nomination
  • Roadside emergency assistance (only in Gauteng, greater Cape Town and Port Elizabeth areas)
  • Maintenance and service discounts at our affiliated workshops (maintain your vehicle for less)
  • Our rent to buy is great for people planning to do lots of mileage as there is no mileage restriction
  • We allow you to exit anytime with no penalties or obligations, so as soon as you are creditworthy, or have access to finance, you can get a registered Financial Service Provider to finance your monthly rental vehicle at any time as this will be the cheapest option in the long-run.

Volkswagen Golf

Pace Fleet Services is a proud member of SAVRALA (the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association).

Pricing dependent on vehicle availability

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