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6 Month Lease Deals From Pace Fleet Services









View our Polo Vivo special.

Pace Fleet is offering specials on 6 to 12 month lease deals for the following cars. Based on your credit rating, you either pay a high or a low deposit! Keep checking for more amazing lease deals from Pace Fleet! Terms and conditions apply.

Advantages of leasing with Pace Fleet

  • Drive a new car every two to four years!
  • Our lease terms are simple and easy to understand.
  • It’s easy to cancel your lease deal at any time.
  • We have a versatile range of cars to suit any requirement.
  • Our cars have all the safety, performance, and fuel economy benefits.
  • Prices include insurance, maintenance, tracking, and licensing.
  • You have lower repair costs.
  • We do the scheduling of the maintenance for you!
  • You have no trade-in issues at the end of the lease.
  • Your creditworthiness is not affected.