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shock absorber replacement from Pace Fleet ServicesYour shock absorbers are vital safety equipment and help to prevent your vehicle from rocking and rolling when cornering and applying brakes.  Pace Fleet can do shock absorber replacement on most shocks with only 2 or 2.5 hours labour – which is the correct amount of labour to charge for changing shock absorbers.  If you are wondering, what will a new set of shocks costs, a new set of shocks on your average new car will cost about R2,000 ex vat for most of your popular models, like Polo, Almera, Corolla, Picanto, Spark etc.

It is important to use a reputable and honest workshop like Pace Fleet for such repairs as in most cases, people who ask for their shocks to be replaced actually just need the shock mounting replaced.  This noise creates the knocking sound that makes your shocks sound like they are about to fall apart.  If we do assess your shocks and determine that they do need to be replaced, we use shocks with a 2 year guarantee, usually Munroe or Gabrielle shock absorbers.  Our workmanship also carries a 12 month guarantee.

Please note that you should always do your wheel alignment when fitting any new suspension parts. This usually costs about R350.

Do you need shock absorber replacement? Call us for a quote on 066 399 5164 or e-mail marvin@pacefleet.co.za.


Why shock absorber replacement is so important

  • Poor road holding means that your tyre is not fully in contact with the road surface
  • With the tyre not maintaining proper contact with the road, the resulting bounces mean that your tyres suffer from flat spots, which drastically reduce tyre life
  • Poor shocks can cause other components to start to fail – including expensive suspension and steering components
  • It is estimated that worn shocks can extend stopping distance by more than 2 metres at 80 km/h in the dry
  • Worn shocks also increase the risk of aquaplaning on wet surfaces, even if your tyres are in good conditon
  • The extra bouncing around from your vehicle will increase the risk of dazzling fellow road users at night, even if you are using dipped beams, which is exceptionally dangerous
  • The driver is more likely to experience fatigue over long distances


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