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Please note that this special has ended. View our car lease pricing to see our available vehicles.

For a limited time only; we’re discounting the lease deposit of selected vehicles.

Apply Online Now by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Available for 10, 11 or 12 Month leasing periods. You will have the option of converting to a Rent to Buy at the end of the lease period, new rates will apply.

Have a look at the rates further down below, or jump right in and fill in the online application – we will respond to your application within 24 hours.

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VehicleYearMileagePrice per MonthHalf Deposit SpecialKm’s free per YearAdditional Charge per KM
Agya Automatic2021Almost New R6,999 R6,000 30,000 R0.96
Suzuki Swift GL AMT Automatic2021Almost new R6,999 R6,000 30,000 R0.96
Suzuki Swift GL AMT Automatic2021A little over 10,000km R6,899 R6,000 30,000 R0.96
Polo Vivo Trendline with Alloys2020Less than 30,000km R6,999 R6,000 30,000 R1.12
Polo Vivo Trendline with Alloys2020A little over 30,000km R6,799 R6,000 30,000 R1.12
Polo Vivo Trendline with Alloys2021Almost New R7,299 R8,00030,000 R1.12
Toyoat Starlet Xi2021Almost New R7,199 R8,00030,000 R1.12
Toyoat Starlet Xi2021A little over 10,000km R7,199 R6,000 30,000 R1.12

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*Terms & Conditions: Only available to females 30+ and males 37+ and must work within 20km’s of home. Above deposits are 50% of the required deposit. The balance will be payable over 6 Months with the Monthly Lease payments. Valid only for January 2022.