Get a better deal when you rent to buy cars with us! Are you a Bolt driver? Are you in need of a reliable rental car that fits your budget? Pace Fleet Services understands your car needs and is the place for you. Pace Fleet Services is the market leader when it comes to rent to buy cars. We offer incredible rent to buy deals on our vehicles starting from as little as R2 250 per week.

Amount Includes:

  • Full maintenance including tyres
  • Tracking
  • Low Excess
  • Activation and Double discs – Pay only when vehicle is available
  • Annual Licensing
  • Comprehensive insurance cover


  • Courtesy Car (Maintenance & insurance claims)
  • 1 Gig Data a week
  • 2 Weeks “free leave” per year


  • Nissan Almera
  • Suzuki
  • V. Polo
  • Kia Rio

There are no hidden or additional costs. Pace Fleet Services are here to assist with our wide range of car options. Get unrestricted car assistance and let us help you find your next rent to buy car!

Contact Us:


Call our Johannesburg branch on 010 141 1790

Location: Unit 3 Sandton Commercial Village, 7th Ave, Marlboro North, Sandton, 2063

Cape Town

Call our Cape Town branch on 021 180 3355

Location: Unit 5 Airport Business Park, 12 Ber