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Don’t change your battery until you have it tested.  If a battery is dead, it can either be the battery or the alternator that charges the battery.  Even a dead battery can possibly be recharged. At the Pace Fleet workshop we will hook your battery up to our tester and give you honest advice.  We will only change your battery if it needs to be changed. Call us on 010 141 1790 or e-mail for assistance.

With our call-out service, we will bring a new battery to your home.  We will test your current battery and then decide whether to recharge or replace.  If we recharge we charge a R250 call out fee, if we need to change the battery the call out is free, you pay only for the battery, and we will let you know the price before we come out. Has your battery recently died? Call us on 010 141 1790 or e-mail

In order to know the size and shape of your battery, you can either give us the model number, or you can open your bonnet and look on the batter for a size number, this is usually starts with a 6, like 628 or 654.  This information will make it easy for us to quote and let you know if we have stock.


Useful tips:

  • Try and avoid short rides, as this limits the car’s ability to charge the battery fully.
  • Make sure that your battery is fastened correctly. If not, it could result in damage to the electrics and to the circuit boards.
  • Make sure that you switch your lights off when you are not using them.
  • Keep the battery terminals clean.
  • Make sure that your radio and other electronic devices are switched off when the car’s engine is not running.

Has your battery recently died? Experience our unique call out service. Call us on 010 141 1790 or e-mail

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