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New Lease

Our New Lease specials include:

Group Make & Model Year Mileage (km) Refundable Security Deposit 12-month Lease 24-month Lease 36-month Lease 48-month Lease
A Kia Picanto 1.0 Street hatch manual 2019 < 500 R14,694 R6,480 R6,299 R6,134 R5,984
B Toyota Etios 1.5 Xs/sprint hatch manual 2019 < 500 R16,830 R7,491 R7,269 R7,066 R6,882
B Volkswagen Polo Gp 1.2 Tsi Trendline hatch manual 2019 < 500 R21,007 R9,611 R9,291 R8,999 R8,734
B Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline hatch manual 2019 < 500 R17,568 R7,877 R7,636 R7,416 R7,217
B Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4 Comfortline hatch manual 2019 < 500 R18,598 R8,315 R8,060 R7,828 R7,617
B Renault Clio IV 900t Authentique manual hatch 2019 < 500 R21,159 R9,494 R9,193 R8,919 R8,670
B Hyundai i20 1.2 Motion manual hatch 2019 < 500 R23,308 R10,383 R10,056 R9,757 R9,487
B Volkswagen Polo 1.0 Tsi Trendline manual hatch 2019 < 500 R22,746 R10,081 R9,769 R9,484 R9,226
C Honda Ballade 1.5 Trend  manual sedan 2019 < 500 R24,409 R11,068 R10,701 R10,365 R10,061
C Toyota Corolla Quest 1.6 manual sedan 2019 < 500 R20,648 R9,335 R9,034 R8,760 R8,512
C Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Ambiente manual sedan 2019 < 500 R24,220 R10,827 R10,480 R10,165 R9,878
D Toyota Corolla Quest 1.6 auto sedan 2019 < 500 R22,255 R9,806 R9,509 R9,237 R8,991
D Honda Ballade 1.5 Trend Cvt (auto) sedan 2019 < 500 R25,977 R11,526 R11,161 R10,829 R10,527
G Mercedes-benz C180 Avantgarde sedan auto 2019 < 500 R69,300 R22,390 R21,652 R20,978 R20,367
G BMW 320i M Sport auto sedan (F30) 2019 < 500 R78,750 R26,123 R25,197 R24,352 R23,587
H GWM Haval Steed WGT 4X2 Workhorse manual diesel single cab 2019 < 500 R18,522 R8,590 R8,300 R8,035 R7,795
H GWM Haval Steed WGT 4X4 Workhorse manual diesel single cab 2019 < 500 R21,357 R9,844 R9,509 R9,203 R8,927
HH GWM Haval Steed VGT 4X2 SX manual diesel double cab 2019 < 500 R22,302 R10,261 R9,912 R9,593 R9,304
HH GWM Haval Steed VGT 4X2 SX manual diesel double cab 2019 < 500 R25,137 R11,515 R11,121 R10,762 R10,436
I Toyota Avanaza 1.5 SX manual 2019 < 500 R24,542 R11,233 R10,850 R10,501 R10,185
O Toyota Rav4 2.0 GX auto 2019 < 500 R50,312 R16,555 R15,996 R15,487 R15,025
O Nissan X Trail 2.5 Acenta 4×4 Cvt (auto) 2019 < 500 R58,073 R18,015 R17,492 R17,015 R16,583
O+ Ford Ecosport 1.5tivct Titanium Powershift auto 2019 < 500 R40,181 R13,275 R12,832 R12,428 R12,062
P Opel Combo Cargo 1.6TD SWB manual van 2019 < 500 R39,299 R13,237 R12,775 R12,353 R11,971

All prices inclusive of 15% VAT

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Included in the lease:

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Maintenance (incl. Tyres), any mechanical failure or normal wear and tear is for us to repair
  • Tracking (incl vehicle recovery)
  • Licensing
  • All factory-installed standard equipment including tool kit, spare wheel and number plates
  • Refundable deposit on completion of lease period

Pace Fleet Services is a proud member of SAVRALA (the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association).

Mercedes-benz C-class C180 Avantgarde sedan auto

Pricing dependent on vehicle availability

Pricing correct as at 29 April 2019

Errors and Omissions exempted