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Don’t Finance It. LEASE IT!

Pace Fleet Services is a leasing business and rent-to-own company which specialises in helping people, expats and companies who need vehicles for between 12 and 48 months.

With Pace Fleet Services you can get the benefits of leasing without having to jump through all the hoops required by the banks but with significant savings over the cost of renting a vehicle. Leasing is the most cost effective option for people looking for long term car rental. Get the benefits of leasing with little more than the paperwork of a rental.

At Pace Fleet Services you let us know the type of vehicle you require and your budget and we will match you with your perfect vehicle

Benefits of Leasing

In a nutshell, leasing makes it easier to get more car for less money.
This is because you only pay for the value of the car that you drive, instead of buying and owning the entire worth of the vehicle.






Included in the lease


Comprehensive (Super cover) Insurance

Maintenance (incl. Tyres),any mechanical failure or normal wear and tear is for us to repair

Tracking (incl vehicle recovery)